How to Create Stored Procedure in Oracle

How to Create Stored Procedure in Oracle

There are many benefits to using stored procedures in your Oracle database. These advantages include improved scalability, faster performance and better reliability.

Stored Procedures are a type of SQL statement that is executed on the database instead of in your application. This results in a smaller data set sent to your application, which may speed up your workflows and reduce network traffic.

A Stored Procedure can be used to encapsulate business logic in a way that other applications can use. This helps ensure consistency across different applications and makes it easier to maintain the code.

You can create a stored procedure in Oracle by running the CREATE PROCEDURE command. Then you can specify a name for the stored procedure and then add parameters, if needed.

When you create a standalone procedure, you must provide the following information: procedure-name (replaces IS keyword), parameters and body. The body of the procedure contains the executable part of the procedure. It can also contain declarations that are local to the subprogram and cease to exist after the subprogram finishes execution.

The procedure-body includes the code that is actually executed by the server and the statements that handle exceptions. You can also provide a call specification for the procedure. The call spec is used to call Java methods and third-generation language routines from SQL and PL/SQL.

This is a great way to keep your code consistent between different applications, but there are some disadvantages to this. For example, if you need to move your data from one vendor to another, you will have to translate the queries in the stored procedure into the new vendor’s syntax and recreate them.

It’s also more difficult to version control a stored procedure. Unlike application code that you can easily include in your version control system, the definition of a stored procedure is on the database and must be updated periodically.

A stored procedure is much more complex than a simple SQL block or a package of PL/SQL blocks. It requires a lot of code and can be very large.

Creating a Stored Procedure with Oracle SQL Developer

To create a stored procedure in Oracle SQL Developer, you need to open the connections panel and expand the schema node in which you want to create the procedure. Then click on the Procedure node and right-click.

Next, click on the New Procedure option as shown below to open a window that allows you to specify the procedure name and parameters. Then, click OK to finish creating the procedure.

You can also add the procedure to a table by clicking on the Table tab. If the procedure is added to a table, it will display a pop-up dialog when you select it and then edit the row.

In this tutorial, you learned how to create a stored procedure in oracle and how to execute it from SQL Developer. I hope this tutorial helped you understand stored procedure in oracle better and that you are able to use it to solve your SQL problems.

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