How to Create Group Chat on Samsung

How to Create Group Chat on Samsung

If you want to send a message to many people at once, you can create a group chat on your Samsung phone. It’s a great way to share important news or events with several people. The feature is available on all Samsung devices, and it can be used in a variety of ways.

To use a group chat on your Samsung phone, you must have the Messages app installed and a compatible device with a valid SIM card from your carrier. Then, you can start a conversation in the Messages app and send messages back and forth with friends and family.

First, open the Messages app and tap Compose. On the screen that appears, you can add contacts to your group from the list, or type their names in the box. You can also select the tiny remove (-) icon next to any contact you want to remove from the group.

When you’re ready to send your message, tap the Send button. Depending on your Android phone’s settings, your recipients may see your group text in the Messages app or have it appear in their contacts list.

If your contacts aren’t showing up in the Messages app, you might have to update their group messaging settings. The default is to send individual messages, but you can change that to group messaging if you prefer.

Another option is to turn on MMS messaging, which will automatically send group text as MMS messages. MMS messages can be larger than SMS messages, so they might take a while to deliver.

While the MMS feature isn’t available on all Android phones, you can check whether your phone supports it by checking your Messages app’s Multimedia Messaging setting. If you’re not seeing it, you can enable it by heading to the Messages app’s More Options menu and selecting MMS.

Then, you can send a group MMS or group SMS to your contacts and see their replies in the message thread. If you don’t have MMS, you can still send a group message using the standard SMS protocol and see your recipients’ replies in the Messages app.

However, be sure to check your Messages app’s Multimedia Messages settings before you try sending an MMS group message to ensure that it will work on your device. Otherwise, you may end up with a message that doesn’t deliver properly.

To create a group message on your samsung phone, first open the Messages app and create a new conversation. This will open a new screen where you can type your message, choose a group, and add recipients to your conversation.

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