How to Create Freeze Frame in Premiere Pro

How to Create Freeze Frame in Premiere Pro

Whether you’re building tension in a dramatic scene, adding an extra comedic touch to a commercial, or just want to create a shareable still image, freeze frame is a versatile editing technique that can be used in a variety of ways. Fortunately, Premiere Pro makes it easy to add freeze frames to your project, so you can take advantage of their wide-ranging uses!

The first step is to cut out a segment that you want to freeze. Once you’ve cut out a segment, right-click and choose “Frame Hold Options.” This will open a dialog box that gives you the options to freeze at the Sequence Time code, In Point, Out Point, Playhead, or any other point you prefer.

Once you’ve selected a point, click OK and your segment will be frozen at that point! You can change the position of the freeze frame by clicking and dragging with the Slip Tool. You can also remove the freeze frame by selecting it and going to Frame Hold Options and unchecking the “Hold On” option.

Next, you can use the Remapping panel to change the speed of your freeze frame. If you’re working in windows, the “Speed” tab is at the bottom of your remapping menu. In macOS, it’s at the top of your remapping menu.

When you’re working in a remapping mode, you can drag the left half of the speed keyframe to change the duration of the freeze frame. When you’re working in a full-screen remapping mode, the right half of the speed keyframe will be visible, so you can also move it.

A quick way to move a freeze frame’s speed is to create a ramp by clicking on the left half of the speed keyframe and dragging it to the left, or the right half of the speed keyframe and dragging to the right. You can also move a freeze frame’s duration by clicking on the speed keyframe, clicking the gray section to see its speed, and then dragging it to a different speed.

Once you’ve created your ramp, it’s easy to modify the freeze frame by dragging the first speed keyframe to change the held frame and dragging the second speed keyframe to alter the held duration. You can also delete the freeze frame’s speed keyframe using the “DELETE” function or by choosing the “Delete Frame Hold” command in the Effects menu.

You can also create a freeze frame by exporting it from Premiere Pro as a still image. You can then import it back into your video as a static still, or you can use the clip in your sequence.

Creating freeze frame is an essential skill for any video editor, so it’s important to know how to do it. The options are endless, so it’s up to you to decide which one works best for you and your project!

Freeze frame is a great way to pause your video while it tells a story. It’s a great way to introduce characters, highlight product features, and even tease an audience!

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