How to Create Custom Brushes in Procreate

How to Create Custom Brushes in Procreate

Creating custom brushes in procreate is a great way to personalize your toolkit and add texture and variation to your illustrations. With Procreate’s extensive brush library, you’ll never be stuck for an illustration tool to help you create something truly unique and eye-catching.

Whether you’re creating art that’s more like a print or an animation, adding custom textures and shapes to your canvas will make it feel unique and personal. With Procreate’s vast selection of brushes, there’s something for every artistic style and skill level, so you can create the digital artwork that you want.

How to create a custom brush

A Procreate brush has two main elements controlling its properties: shape and grain. To create a custom brush, start by choosing an image to use as the Shape Source and a texture to use as the Grain Source. Then, in the Shape Editor, tap on Edit to swap or import the image and a texture from your Pro Library, or insert your own photo.

Now that you have an image that can be used as a custom stamp, it’s time to get started with your new brush. First, open your brush library and tap on the + button in the top left corner of it.

After a few seconds, you’ll see a screen appear. This is where you’ll be able to adjust all the settings that will determine how your brush looks, feels and acts in Procreate. You can even choose a blending mode to create a specific look.

You can also choose how much Streamline will be added to your brush, which can help it smooth out your strokes for a more natural effect. It’s important to remember that you can only change the Streamline on one brush at a time, so keep testing to find a setting that works for you.

If you’re unsure how to customise your Procreate brush, we recommend checking out our Guide to Customizing Your Brushes in the Official Procreate Handbook. It’s an easy to read, comprehensive resource on everything you need to know about Procreate and the brushes it offers.

How to rename a brush set in procreate

To rename a brush set, simply tap on it and select it again to invoke the options menu. From here, you can rename it, delete it or share it with other people.

How to remove a brush from recent

If you no longer need a pinned brush, or you’re looking to delete it entirely from your brush library, swipe left on the brush in recent and tap the Clear button. This will delete it from the recent set but not its original home Set.

How to rename individual brushes in procreate

To name your own brush, go to the Brush Studio and select the shape and grain that you’d like to name it. In the Shape Studio, you’ll be able to Invert or Swap the shape from the Pro Library, or insert your own image.

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