How Does Mephastophilis Create Conflict For Faust in The Play The Crucible

How Does Mephastophilis Create Conflict For Faust in The Play The Crucible

Marlowe introduces mephastophilis as a demonic figure in the play, but he also presents him as an interesting character. He is a demon who serves Lucifer, and he uses his power to control Faustus. He is able to gain a great deal of control over Faustus through his ability to manipulate his desires and his weak-willed personality.

He is also a tragic figure, because Mephastophilis is constantly trying to warn Faust of the consequences of selling his soul to Lucifer. However, he fails to do so due to the fact that he believes hell to be a fable, and Faust does not think of the eventual consequences of his actions.

When Mephastophilis first appears to Faust, he explains to him that he does not go around the world to corrupt souls, but rather he stays in one place. He informs him that he is not like Lucifer, who is always on the move, but that he is simply passing by Faust’s castle and feels he is on the brink of corruption himself. He warns Faust that if he continues to sell his soul to Lucifer, he will eventually be corrupted by his master.

Mephastophilis is a demon who is contracted by Lucifer to serve Faust for twenty-four years. During this time, Mephastophilis sometimes openly disapproves of Faustus’ actions and at other times he is more like a servant or companion to him.

The most important reason Mephastophilis creates conflict for Faust is that he attempts to tell him the truth about hell, and what awaits those who sell their souls to Lucifer. He tries to convince Faust that he will be miserable in hell, and that his decision to sell his soul to Lucifer was a mistake.

In addition, Mephastophilis reveals that Faustus will be imprisoned in his own “private hell” and not be admitted into the heaven of Lucifer’s kingdom. This is a very dark concept, which he uses to try and enrage Faust into renouncing his bargaining with the devil.

He also tries to explain that the angels are not in charge, but they have been sent to keep Faust from being deceived by the Devil, and they will speak to him when he needs help. This also helps to explain why Mephastophilis is able to use his powers so effectively, because he knows that Faust is weak-willed and will be easily manipulated by the devil.

Lastly, Mephastophilis tries to entice Faust to repent once again, but he fails to do so because of the fact that Faust is still in love with Lucifer. This is another way that Mephastophilis is able the to manipulate him, because he knows that if he can get Faust to repent, he will be more likely to agree to the deal again.

Mephastophilis is a very complex character, and it is not surprising that Marlowe used him as a vehicle to show his demonic power. He is a demon who is able to dominate his victim, and the reason that he is able to achieve this is because he has a very strong bond with Faustus. This is because he is contractually obliged to work for Lucifer and is able to control his victim through a combination of manipulation and his weak-willed nature.

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