How Did Loki Create the World Serpent?

How Did Loki Create the World Serpent?

The World Serpent is one of the main villains of Ragnarok. He’s a giant serpent who encircles the world and is destined to kill Thor during the battle of Ragnarok.

The world serpent was born as a child of the trickster god Loki and his wife, the giantess Angrboda. When Odin saw a prophecy that Loki’s children would create problems, he took them from their home in Jotunheim and removed them to the ocean.

When Jormungandr was a young child, the world serpent began to grow in size and power. He grew so big that he could encircle Midgard (Earth) and grasp its own tail, a sign of an ouroboros.

He was also the sworn enemy of Thor, the old Norse thunder-god. This feud eventually led to the two of them killing each other at Ragnarok, the battle that is supposed to bring an end to the world and all the gods.

How Did Loki Create the World Serpent?

Jormungandr is a monster that’s found in many different cultures. Originally, he was a sea monster that symbolized the dangers of the deep. But he was also one of the most iconic figures in Norse mythology.

His name translates to “the Vast Gand” and is usually referred to as the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent in Norse mythology. It is a creature that has been around for ages and can be seen in almost all of the major works of Norse literature.

According to Norse mythology, Jormungandr was the middle child of the trickster god Loki and the giantess Angrboda. He was thrown into the great sea that surrounds Midgard, where he grew to such an enormous size that he could encircle the Earth.

The ocean was a popular symbol of destruction in the Norse culture, and it was said that when the world serpent drew his tail out of the sea, Ragnarok would begin. It was the time when the sea would rise and flood the land, destroying homes and cities.

This is why the world serpent was feared and hated by the Norse people. The Norse believed that the serpent’s venom would harm any living being it touched.

In modern times, however, scholars have started to look at the world serpent in a different light. They have suggested that the world serpent was actually a necessary agent of transformation.

He was a child of the trickster god Loki who had the ability to change his gender and species at will. He was also the father of Hel, the goddess of the dead, and Fenrir, a wolf demon that bites Tyr’s hand and will eat Odin during Ragnarok.

Once Jormungandr was born, he was sent to the sea with his siblings, Hel and Fenrir. During this time, the world serpent grew to a frightening size and was kept secret from the gods of Asgard.

When he was born, the world serpent was small. He weighed less than half of an ox’s head. But his size grew quickly as he went into the ocean and encircled the Earth.

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