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July Craft Bar Roundup :: Outdoor Fun (in 101 degree heat)

Craft Bar’s outdoor fun-themed July event, was a so much fun, despite the ridiculous Chicago heat wave. Dozens of attendees enjoyed a watermelon keg, boozy snow cones from Jo Snow Syrups, PBR, and a bunch of summery crafts.

Kpoene from Mignonette helped crafters recreate t-shirts into sweatbands/neck coolers, belts, bags and more. Kaicy from Jo Snow Syrups showed off her muscles as she hand-cranked out boozy and non-boozy snow cones, and Heidi from Hands Occupied shared recipes for making giant bubbles, biodegradable lawn paint and Edible Sparklers (get the recipe here). Check out some of the action below.

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June Craft Bar Highlights

Craft Bar’s second event, A Handmade Wedding, was a huge success on Friday. Dozens of attendees enjoyed custom cocktails, PBR, cream puffs, and lots of DIY wedding crafts!

Heidi from Hands Occupied lead workshops on the wide variety of crafts she made for her wedding and talked to brides to be about how to make their weddings handmade and stick to a budget. Jo Snow Syrups was in attendance to teach patrons how to make the oh-so-tasty Dutch 74 cocktail. Kelli from Due Sorelle Beaded Jewelry Boutique helped folks make precious birds nest necklaces, and Lisa from Grass Green Design lead brides in a tissue paper pom pom workshop that would have made even Martha Stewart smile. All in all, everyone had so much fun! Check out our album from Friday’s event to see the highlights.

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May Craft Bar Highlights

Craft Bar launched on Friday, May 4 at Mignonette Bridal. We all enjoyed sangria, cream puffs, and frozen custard while we crafted the evening away.

Heidi from Urban Folk Circuit lead a workshop on upcycling t-shirts into haute accessories, like necklaces, headbands, tote bags and hair fascinators. Kpoene from Mignonette showed attendees how to make fabric flowers and use vintage buttons to make bracelets and more. We all had a blast!

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